Oops! Did I do that?

Why do we become embarrassed? In my opinion embarrassment stems from many different emotions. I’ve seen so many different incidents in which embarrassment was an outcome. I’d like to explain a few of mine, and then explain why I believe others become embarrassed as well.

As a child, I used to become embarrassed and timid because I would notice others staring at my parents and me because I don’t look anything like them. That embarrassment would become a part of my life as I grew up. It followed me and almost haunted me, and changed me as a person.

I realize now that my becoming embarrassed because of others staring was because I wasn’t comfortable with being an adopted Asian-American. Growing up I very self-conscious and always was worried about how I looked to others. I felt that I needed to have blonde hair and blue eyes to fit in. I’ve definitely grown out of that and am proud to be an Asian-American with wonderful parents. I don’t become timid or embarrassed anymore when I’m with my family because I am proud to show the world what a unique family that I am a part of.

Another example for my becoming embarrassed would have to be an action my father partakes in at the grocery checkout line. Whenever his credit card is approved on the checkout screen he screams, “hooray! I’m approved!!” For a while I was embarrassed to be seen with him…it took me a year to figure out why my father’s own choice of action would make so uncomfortable. I figured out that it was because I was uncomfortable with my own self, and I needed to let it be, and know that that’s the kind of person my father is and I have to accept that. Now when he does the same thing at the checkout line, I smile and laugh and say, “that’s my dad!”

Another story that comes to mind when thinking of embarrassment entails me tripping over my own feet. I’m a clumsy person and I can’t control it even if I tried. Whenever I trip and fall or run into anything I find it hilarious. I always laugh even if there is pain involved. That embarrassment then makes me laugh and enjoy how silly I can be.

Sometimes when one falls or trips by accident, he/she then becomes angry, shy, or flustered. Those emotions then explain that person and how he/she handles him/her self. I tend to think that when one trips and falls and becomes angry, it’s obviously because they’re embarrassed, but it’s also a sign that maybe he/she shouldn’t be so hard on him/her self.

All in all, embarrassment is part of our everyday life. It’s all about how we handle an embarrassing situation, and whether or not we can get a laugh out of it. If we’re embarrassed over another’s actions, maybe we should re-think why that is and if it has anything to do with ourselves personally. To me, embarrassing moments shape me into the person I am. Be happy with yourself and laugh a little. 😀


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